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Jay Vasavda

Jay Vasavada

With Unique Past and sensational Present this name Shri JAY VASAVAD make space in young readers of Gujarat. He Writes Columns in Gujarati Daily Gujarat Samachar. With his Immense Knowledge through his reading and Observation he Conduct so many Seminars and Public Talk . Jay vasavada is Popular Orator, speaker and Leading Columnist in Gujarat. He was born in bhavanagar and Brought up in Gondal Gujarat. He Studied At home Till 8th Standard. Jay bhai is Professor and then he became Principal of MBA College. He left his monotonous Job at the age of 27 and devotes his Time to Witting and Speaking. He has given 1700 plus Speeches, Wrote 3000 Plus Articles about almost every think That Affects Youth. He has become Great inspiration for the Youth. He has Seen 6000 Plus Movies, has 15000 plus books, Magazines collection in His library. He Writes “Anavrut” and Spectrometer column in Gujarat Samachar.

Jay vasavada also engage with Blogs, Facebook and Instagram. Jay Bhai Compose / Compile his Column or Observation in To Book. Yuvahava, Mahiti Ane Manoranjan, Sahitya Ane Cinema, Aah Hindustan Oh Hindustan, Spectrometer, Life@Kite, Anavrutta, Science Samandar, Knowledge Nagariya, G.K. Jungle, JSK - Jai Shri Krishna, Preet Kiye Sukh Hoy, Jai Ho, Vacation Station, Mummy Pappa, Khata Rahe Mera dil, Super hero Saradar.