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Ashwini Bhatt

Ashwini Bhatt Novelist - Gujarati Books

All time Great Gujarati author with his back to back Best Novels. Novels like Othaar, Fanslo, Aashka Mandal, Katibandh, Nirja Bhargav, Lajja Sanyal, Shailja Sagar, Aayno, Angaar and Aakhet. Ashwini Bhatt translated several works in Gujarati including Freedom at Midnight in Gujarati as Ardhi Rate Azadi and He also Translate Alistair MacLean and James Hadley chase Books in Gujarati. One can feel the situation while reading his novel. If you are Gujarati literature lover or you want tot read good book you can Choose any of his novel or esaay book you will fall in Love / Make interest with Gujarati literature. Buy Ahswini bhatt Books With discount and get Books are your Door step.